In 2000, a group of families decided that the availability of disability-related supports for adults who wanted to live in the community was simply not good enough. These families sued the state of Oregon for access to services in their homes and communities. The state settled out of court in a class action lawsuit commonly known as the “Staley Settlement.” The state of Oregon chose to implement this lawsuit settlement by contracting with “brokerages” throughout the state. Community Pathways, Inc. is one of these brokerages and is a private non-profit organization contracted to serve customers in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties.

Community Pathways, Inc. opened in July of 2008 and currently serves over 400 customers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Each customer is assigned to a Personal Agent (who acts as a service coordinator/case manager) who assists in arranging services and resources. The Personal Agent (PA) collaborates with customers and his/her support team to create an Individualized Support Plan utilizing person-centered planning. The Individualized Support Plan addresses the goals, dreams, preferences, strengths, health/safety risks, and service needs of each individual customer.

Community Pathways, Inc. is proud to continue the service delivery model that has been demanded and developed by our community and upheld by our legislature.