Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Pathways, Inc?

Community Pathways, Inc., referred to as Community Pathways or CPI, is a support service brokerage that serves over 450 adults with a developmental disability who live in their own or family's home. Our team of personal agents (PA's) assists the individuals on their respective caseloads to access, plan, and monitor the support services they need in order to work toward achieving their goals. CPI serves individuals living in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties in Oregon.

What is a Brokerage?

A brokerage is an agency, and often a non-profit organization, contracted by the State of Oregon to provide case management services (or "brokerage services") to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities living in their own or family's home. Learn more about brokerages.

What are Brokerage Support Services?

Brokerage support services are case management services delivered by a personal agent (PA) through a brokerage agency, such as Community Pathways, to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities living in their communities. See a list of brokerages in Oregon.

What services are available to customers of cpi?

As a support services brokerage contracted by the State of Oregon, Community Pathways delivers the same types of services to individuals as all other brokerages in Oregon. The services an individual receives are based on their assessed needs, Medicaid funding, and the goals they are working towards. See a list of brokerage services.         

What is a Personal Agent? What is their role in services?

A personal agent (PA) is an employee of a support services brokerage who acts as a service coordinator and case manager. Their primary role is to get to know the individuals on their caseloads and assist them with accessing, planning, and monitoring support services. A PA may help provide guidance and advocacy to individuals by attending various meetings (such as IEP, VR, and SSA meetings) with them. Important note: A PA is neither a direct support provider nor the employer of an individual's support providers. Learn more about the role of a personal agent.

What types of Providers are there?

There are three main types of (paid) providers:

  1. Independent Providers (PSW's and IC's)*

  2. Certified Provider Organizations*

  3. General Businesses

*A service provider is any agency or individual paid for by Medicaid dollars to provide Title XIX services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Learn more about types of providers.

How do I become a Customer of CPI?

First, you must be eligible for and enrolled in Developmental Disability (DD) services through your local County Developmental Disability Program (CDDP). The CDDP is responsible for determining eligibility for DD services, including brokerage services.

You are eligible for brokerage services if you are a resident of Oregon, aged 18 years or older, have a documented developmental disability, and live on your own or in your family home. Learn more about eligibility.

Learn more about the brokerage process.

How do I become a provider?

Providers can be agencies or individuals. All providers are licensed or qualified through the Department of Human Services (DHS). Community Pathways assists with this process as a part of our contracted role with Oregon DHS. Learn more about PSW enrollment.

To schedule a meeting, contact our provider specialist at (503) 935-5243 ext. 245

How do I find Providers to Hire?

First, talk with a personal agent who will help you connect with qualified providers. The Oregon Home Care Commission has a PSW Registry and Referral System to help individuals and families find and connect with providers. Visit the PSW Registry and Referral System.

We encourage you to do a thorough interview process with any provider you would like to hire.  Your PA can assist you with learning more about this process.

How do I update my PSW Credentials (CHC & PEAA)?

The Criminal History Check (CHC) and Provider Enrollment Application and Agreement (PEAA) both expire every two years. The State of Oregon requires that renewal paperwork for both are submitted 70 days before their expiration dates.

Learn more about PSW credentials. Or, contact us and ask to speak with the provider specialist.

Where can i find psw billing information?

To see a PSW billing calendar and instructions on how to submit time sheets, click here.

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