Hiring Providers

What types of providers are there & How do I hire one?

Types of Providers

There are three types of providers to choose from:

1.     Independent providers are individuals qualified to be personal support workers (PSW) and independent contractors (IC).

2.     Certified provider organizations are agencies licensed by the State of Oregon to deliver a wide variety of support services depending on their license. 

3.     General business providers are businesses that provide service to the general public.

For more information about provider types, click here.


Hiring a Provider

The hiring process involves a number of steps and depends on if the individual wants to hire an agency or a personal support worker (PSW).

To hire a PSW, the individual who would like to hire them will first need to identify an employer of record.

PSW's must be qualified through the Oregon Department of Human Services' Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) before providing services to individuals. 

  • To learn more about PSW enrollment and qualification, click here.
  • Schedule an appointment with CPI's provider specialist by calling (503) 935-5243 ext. 245.

Here is a general timeline for PSW qualification:

  •  For an individual in need of support services, who is hiring providers for the first time, it takes approximately two (2) weeks to enroll as a new employer.
  • For an individual who is already an employer, it takes approximately one (1) week to hire a PSW. If the PSW is in the process of becoming qualified, this can take eight (8) weeks. 
  • For a new PSW, the combined enrollment and hiring process takes approximately eight (8) weeks to complete. Remember: PSWs must be qualified before they can bill for their services.
  • For an existing PSW, the qualification process takes approximately two to four (2 to 4) weeks.

Important Note:

A PSW cannot bill and be paid for services until they have been qualified through a case management entity (CME), such as Community Pathways. Once qualified with CPI, the PSW is then able to work with the individuals CPI serves. The PSW enrollment and qualification process can take up to eight (8) weeks. Once a PSW is qualified to work with the individuals CPI serves, it is important that they update their credentials every two years. The process for renewing PSW credentials takes up to eight (8) weeks.