Senate Bill 274 opens brokerage services to people 14 and up

Posted by Oregon Support Services Association on May 24, 2019

“With the end set for June 20, the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session is in its final month. Oregon Support Services Association has been actively engaged in advocacy since the session’s January 22 start. Legislators come to public service with a variety of backgrounds and interests, and the Brokerage association works hard to enrich their understanding of services for people with developmental disabilities.

This session has been different for us–we brought forward a legislative concept that was introduced by chief sponsor Senator James Manning Jr.  (North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City), and co-sponsored by Representative Rob Nosse (Portland), and Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson (Gresham). Senator Manning’s belief in choice and service options for young people with developmental disabilities compelled him to lead the sponsorship of Senate bill 274 (SB 274). SB 274 changes the age of eligibility for case management from Support Services Brokerages from 18 to 14 years. With this bill, we are aiming to:

  • create a smoother and more supported turning-18 transition period for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families.

  • remove barriers to stakeholder decision-making and support positive change.

  • open choice and service options for people age 14-17.”

PSW Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

What is EVV?

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is an electronic way for verifying attendant care services. It will help with more accurately tracking Medicaid personal care services and home health services.

Who is required to use EVV?

EVV is only currently required for Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) who provide the following Attendant or Personal Care services:

•OR526 –Attendant Care

•OR526/ZE –Attendant Care 2:1 staff

•OR507 –Daily Relief Care

•OR502 –State Plan Personal Care

How do I know if I provide one of these Attendant or Personal Care services?

Please check your service agreement(s) to find out if you are providing one of these services.

Why do PSW’s have to use EVV?

EVV is a part of a federal law that was passed by Congress in 2016. It requires states to verify the delivery of Medicaid-funded Attendant or Personal Care services in real time (at the time the service is occurring) from providers. This federal law requires the use of EVV for all Medicaid personal care services and home health services that require an in-home visit by a provider.

Will PSW’s be trained on how to use EVV?

Yes! Learn how to use the EVV system by attending an EVV Orientation Session. PSW’s must register to attend orientation sessions. They will be presented in English and alternate languages that have been noted. There will eventually be EVV tutorials and user guides available.

How do i register for a PSW evv orientation SEssion?

Go to DHS’s iLearn website at

When will PSW’s have to start using EVV?

Statewide roll-out of EVV will be July 16, 2019. Orientation information will be provided in May through a separate communication and also on the EVV web page.  Information from DHS will be mailed to PSW’s, customers and employers. Please watch for this in your mail.

How can I learn more about EVV?

Visit the Oregon DHS website at

Watch the EVV Video Tutorials on the OrGovDHS YouTube channel at

Follow and like the eXPRS payment system on Facebook at

Reminder: We're Closed for the Move

Community Pathways' office is closed today and tomorrow, June 14th and 15th, while we move. Our office will re-open at our new location in SE Portland on Monday, June 18th at 9 AM.

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Please note that our phone numbers, email addresses, and fax number will all remain the same. The only major change to note is the location and physical/mailing address of our office!

Please remember to use our new address when mailing paperwork to Community Pathways. Our new address is:

2475 SE Ladd Avenue, Suite 220, Portland, Oregon 97214

We're Moving to SE Portland

In case you haven't heard, Community Pathways is moving to Southeast Portland. Our new address will be: 2475 SE Ladd Avenue, Suite 220, Portland, Oregon 97214

Our current office, located on NE Oregon Street, will be closed on Thursday and Friday, June 14th and 15th for the move. We re-open our office at our new location on Monday, June 18th at 9AM.

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We are re-locating to Seven Corners Community Collaborative, a brand new community space and building we will be sharing with our partners: Community Vision, FACT Oregon, Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Nossa Familia Coffee. The building is universally accessible to individuals and families of all different abilities. It includes an Assistive Technology (AT) Lab.

We are excited to be a part of this collaborative effort to create an accessible hub of support and resources for people who experience disability, their support networks, and providers living and working in the Portland Metro area. We look forward to seeing you there.

To learn more about Seven Corners Collaborative, visit

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