Frequently Asked Questions

What types of providers are there?

There are three types of providers to choose from:

  1. Independent providers are individuals qualified to be a personal support worker (PSW) or independent contractor (IC). IC's can only provide some employment support services.

  2. Certified provider organizations are state licensed agencies that can provide a wide variety of services depending on their license.

  3. General business providers are businesses that provide services to the general public.

Learn more about provider types.


How do I become a personal support worker (PSW)?

Personal support workers are licensed or qualified through the Department of Human Services (DHS). Community Pathways assists with this process as a part of our contracted role with Oregon DHS. To become qualified as a PSW through CPI, schedule a meeting with our provider specialist.

Learn more about PSW enrollment.


what is a service agreement?

A service agreement is a document developed by a personal agent for an individual based on the individual's assessed needs and goals. It outlines the support services that are allowed to be paid for by an individual's plan. These services are often paid for with Medicaid dollars. This means it is important for the services outlined in the service agreement to match the individual's needs and goals. A signed service agreement must be in place before a provider may begin providing and billing for any services.

For more information about service agreements, contact a personal agent.


what is a progress note? Why does it matter?

Progress notes are an important aspect of providing support services to individuals. They help ensure that Medicaid funds are used appropriately to meet the needs of the individuals served by providers.

Learn about the PSW progress notes toolkit.

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how do i check my weekly hour limit?

Personal support workers can check their weekly hour limit in eXPRS.

Important Note: In accordance with Oregon state law, as of September 1, 2016, personal support workers will have limitations to the number of hours they are authorized to work. To read the transmittal about the policy change, click here.


How do I enter my time sheet in exprs?

Quick guide to eXPRS

Complete list of eXPRS guides

When do i need to submit my time sheet? how do i submit it?

Learn more about PSW billing instructions and calendar.


are there exprs and ppl Support Lines?

Yes. If you are having issues with logging in to your accounts, entering your time sheets or mileage sheets, or updating information:


what credentials do i need to renew and when?

Every two years, PSW's must renew their:

  • Criminal history check (CHC)

  • Provider enrollment application and agreement (PEAA)

Any time a PSW renews or makes changes to the following, they must notify brokerage staff:

  • Driver's license

  • Auto insurance

  • Personal information (Legal name(s), address, phone number, email, etc.)

Learn more about PSW qualifications and credential renewal.