There are different types of providers who can assist you to achieve your goals.

General Businesses:

Provide services or goods to the general public, not just individuals with disabilities. Your PA can assist you with accessing the most cost effective goods or services that are appropriate for your needs.

Examples: A LIFT pass from Tri‐Met; a signature stamp from Office Depot; a lift chair from a furniture store.

Certified Provider Organizations (Provider Agencies):

Are certified by the State of Oregon (SPD) to provide services to individuals with disabilities.  Like ICs, Provider Agencies can provide supports both in the home and in the community; however, they offer a wider variety of services. Provider Organizations have to have contracts with you and submit invoices and progress notes for payment.

Examples: Facility based socialization or employment, assessments, and independent living classes.

Personal Support Worker (PSW):

House Bill (HB) 3618 defines at Personal Support Worker to be a person:

  1. Who is hired by a person with a developmental disability or mental illness or a parent or guardian of a person with a developmental disability or mental illness;
  2. Who receives moneys from the department for the purpose of providing care to the person with a developmental disability or mental illness;
  3. Whose compensation is provided in whole or in part through the department, a support services brokerage or other public agency; and
  4. Who provides home care services in the home or community.

Domestic Employees and Independent Contractors can be classified as Personal Support Workers (PSW). Independent Providers who provide Specialized Supports (behavior/social sexual supports, nursing supports, family training supports) and some job supports are not classified as a PSW.

Domestic Employees (DEs):

Provide services and supports in and around your home. DEs are often family members or friends, yet cannot be a significant other. DEs are employed by you or your guardian and must get qualified with your Brokerage.  DEs submit timesheets for payment to your Brokerage.

Examples: Respite for caretakers; ADL supports including cooking, cleaning, hygiene, etc.

Independent Contractors (ICs):

Are self-employed and contract with individual customers for one-on-one and group activities.   ICs have unique qualifications which enable them to provide supports both inside and outside of the home.  ICs get paid by submitting monthly invoices and progress notes detailing the supports and services they are providing. Your PA will assist you with interviewing and hiring ICs.

Examples: Individual or group community inclusion, including making friends, exploring your community, etc.  Skills training including nutrition, budgeting, volunteering, and Behavior Supports.