Provider Types

There are different types of support providers who help the individuals we serve to meet their needs and goals:

  1. Independent Providers

  2. Certified Provider Organizations

  3. General Businesses

See below for more information. If you have any questions, please ask a personal agent or contact us.

Independent Providers

  • Individuals who are qualified to be a:

    • Personal Support Worker (PSW)

    • Independent Contractor (IC)

  • The qualification of independent providers is determined by DHS and requires an approved background check.

  • Need a designated responsible party to be the common law employer.

    • IMPORTANT: Community Pathways is not a common law employer, nor does it endorse any individual provider. It is the responsibility of the individual and their support team, who is seeking to hire and employ a support provider, to determine the abilities and safety of the person they are employing.

  • Can be hired professionals, family members, or friends, but cannot be the legal partner or spouse of the individual who is being supported.

  • Must sign a service agreement outlining the supports and services to be provided.

  • Use the Oregon DHS Express Payment and Reporting System (eXPRS) to submit time sheets, mileage records, and progress notes. These must also be submitted to the individual's brokerage or CME prior to payment. Personal agents (PA's) are responsible for monitoring the services provided by independent providers to help ensure individuals are receiving the support approved through their individualized support plan (ISP).

Example: A PSW assists individuals with activities of daily living (ADL), like providing support with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and bathing.

Note: Independent contractors can only provide some employment support services and behavior supports. 


Certified Provider Organizations

  • Certified by the State of Oregon to provide services to individuals with disabilities.

  • Provide supports both in the home and in the community.

  • Have a staff of providers to choose from and typically offer a wider variety of services.

  • Must sign a service agreement outlining the supports and services to be provided.

  • Submit invoices and progress notes to the brokerage and PA for review prior to payment.

Example: Certified provider organizations provide facility based socialization or employment, assessments, and independent living classes.


General Businesses

  • Businesses that provide services or goods to the general public and have been approved for payment.

  • Your PA can assist you with accessing the most cost effective goods or services that are appropriate for your needs.