Individualized Support Plan

What is an ISP and how does it assist me in living a more independent life?

An individual support plan (ISP) is a document that:

  • Describes an individual’s goals

  • Specifies which support services will be used to achieve these goals

  • Outlines the cost of services being used and which funds will cover this cost

  • Identifies the individual’s support team and their support roles

  • Provides strategies on how to address identified risks

An ISP relies on the supporting documents listed below to help identify an individual’s needs:

  • Risk identification tool (RIT): identifies potential risks to an individual’s health and safety.

  • Person centered information (PCI): provides a more detailed account of a individual’s needs, as well as what is important for them and what is important to them.

  • Adult needs assessment/child needs assessment (ANA/CNA): identifies an individual’s needs and determines how many support hours will meet these needs.