eXPRS and PPL Support

Are you a provider (agency or personal support worker) having difficulty logging into eXPRS?

Please contact eXPRS Technical Triage:

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 and select option #3

Email: info.exprs@state.or.us

Please note:

Only contact eXPRS once regarding a particular issue. Repeated calls or emails will prolong their service ticket queue and delay the overall time it takes to address your question and/or issue.

eXPRS is now unlocking users on a nightly basis. If you are locked out of eXPRS because of entering your password incorrectly too many times, please wait overnight and try again. You  may want to reset your password if this happens.


DD Personal Support Workers (PSW)

eXPRS Technical Triage

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #3)

Email: info.exprs@state.or.us

Public Partnership, LLC (PPL)

Phone: 1(888) 419-7705

Email: pplorfmas-cs@pcgus.com

Login: PPL's BetterOnline web portal login page

Change of Information: Provider Forms & Documents

PSW Payment Issues

Important:  First contact the CDDP, brokerage or CIIS program that authorized your services. If, after doing that, you still need assistance contact:

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #2)

Email: psw.paymentissues@state.or.us

PSW General Questions: Missing provider number, login issues

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #3)

Email: info.exprs@state.or.us

Email: dhs.servicedesk@state.or.us

PSW Credentials and Change of Information

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #4)

Email: psw.enrollment@state.or.us

PSW eXPRS Orientation and Training

Phone: 1(844) 874-2788 (Option #5)

All PSWs are required to complete their orientation within 90 days of receiving their provider number. For a schedule of orientation dates, please click here.

Training Video (Part 1)

Training Video (Part 2)


DD Agency Providers and Independent Vendors

First consult the CDDP, brokerage or CIIS program authorizing your services. If you still need assistance, contact eXPRS Support by calling (503) 945-5623.

Agency Billing Issues

Email: info.exprs@state.or.us

Provider Records and Credentials

Email: odds.providerenrollment@state.or.us