Oregon Home Care Commission Enhanced Homecare Worker training

The Oregon Home Care Commission has shared information regarding the:


Enhanced and Exceptional workers provide services to consumers with certain medical and/or behavioral needs, AND have successfully completed a separate Enhanced Worker or Enhanced/Exceptional Worker training.

The first step is to complete a Readiness Assessment. You are allowed to take the Readiness Assessment once each time it is open. It is highly recommended that you review course manuals from the classes listed in the Readiness Assessment information if you have taken them.

We will hold the next Enhanced Homecare Worker certification course on Aug 17, 18, 31 and Sept 1, 2015. This will be held in either Portland, Salem or Eugene, depending on interest and qualified applications. An Enhanced Personal Support Worker course is planned for late 2015.

If you are interested in becoming certified, follow these steps:
• Go to the website: http://ohcc-training.org. (Note: this website does not work using Internet Explorer 7 or lower)
o Create an account if you do not already have one.
o Log in to your account. (This is not connected to your Registry account at this time).
o If you can’t remember your password, use the “forgot password link” and follow the instructions.
o Look under “Courses” for the Summer 2015 Readiness Assessment for Homecare Workers.
o Enroll in this course.
• Complete the Readiness Assessment.
• A score of 80% or higher is a passing score. A passing score allows you to access the application online.
• If you received a passing score, complete the application. You may submit it online, by email, or by US Mail. We must receive applications by Wednesday, July 15 at 5:00 pm.
• If you completed the Readiness Assessment online, you can review your answers after you submit your assessment. This will help you learn what areas you may want to review before the next assessment is released.
• You will need to send a copy of your CPR/First Aid certification with the application.

If you are unable to do this online, you can call or email us to request a paper copy. 1-877-867-0077 ext. 2 or Training.OHCC@state.or.us

For more information about the Enhanced Homecare Worker Certificate and the Enhanced or Exceptional Personal Support Worker Certificates, visit our web page: http://www.oregon.gov/dhs/spd/Pages/worker-cert.aspx

Voting Workshop-July 1st, 2015

Get ready to vote!

Wednesday, July 1
11 a.m.-12:00pm
At Independence Northwest
919 NE 19th Ave #275
Portland, OR 97232

• Not registered or not sure?
• Never voted before?
• Always vote, and want to get more involved in voting advocacy?

Come to this workshop and learn more about getting involved as the big Elections of 2016 get closer.

• Register or update your registration
• Learn about voter education resources and voting rights
• Learn about disability accommodations that you can get from the county to vote privately and independently
• Sign up to volunteer on voting efforts

Support Providers and Families Welcome

Hosted by Disability Rights Oregon, the Protection and Advocacy System for Oregon.

DHS Town Hall Meetings: Planning for Safety, Health and Independence in Your Community

DHS is inviting stakeholders to share your thoughts with them. See below for more information and the date they will be visiting Portland.

Save the date and make plans to attend!

DHS Town Hall Meetings: Planning for Safety, Health and Independence in Your Community

You are invited to provide input and feedback to the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) on our priorities and strategic direction for 2015-17 and beyond in the following areas: Child Welfare, Aging and People with Disabilities, Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services, Self Sufficiency Programs (SNAP, TANF, ERDC), Vocational Rehabilitation, and DHS agency operations.

Our community outreach this summer has two goals: first, to report on progress toward our long-term goals and strategic efforts as an organization; and second, get your thoughts and ideas as we plan for the next two years of work. Your input and participation is extremely valuable to us. Please make plans to attend a meeting in your local area — or to log on for a statewide web-based meeting (if you are unable to attend in person). We need your help and ideas to ensure the safety, health and independence of all Oregonians!

Wednesday, July 30

Portland – Portland Community College – Cascade Campus (room to be announced)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Friday, August 1

Bend – Central Oregon Community College (room to be announced)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Monday, August 4

Eugene – Lane Community College (room to be announced)

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tuesday, August 5

Medford – Rogue Valley Community College (room to be announced)

10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Thursday, August 7

Statewide — Web-based interactive meeting, sign-up info & other details to come later.

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join DHS Director Erinn Kelley-Siel and members of the DHS Executive Team for an informative presentation and lively discussion about where the agency is today and where we are going in the next two years and beyond. Additional information will be coming soon – please forward this message to others who may be interested.

Thank you!


Questions? Please contact DHS.DirectorsOffice@dhsoha.state.or.us


ODDS Weekly Status Report

To: All ODDS Staff and Stakeholders

From: ODDS Interim Director and Chief Operating Officer Trisha Baxter

Re: Weekly ODDS Status Report, Temporary Rules, POC, Single FI

Attached is this week’s status update report from ODDS

With the July 1st milestones successfully completed, it is time to start focusing on other tasks we are still working hard to complete.

Last week, ODDS posted temporary emergency rules. These temporary rules will begin the process of moving to permanent rules with Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings being held weekly throughout July and August. Attached is a document that highlights the changes put forth in the temporary rules which will be areas for discussion during the permanent rulemaking process.

Development and testing for the Plan of Care functionality in the eXPRS system continues. We hope to have a new project plan and timeline to share in the very near future. The employment services portion of plan of care is on track for an implementation date of September 1, 2014. As we reset the project plan, we are ensuring time is allowed for a small pilot prior to the statewide roll out. This will give us an opportunity to identify issues and to correct them, ensuring that we have a fully functioning system for the statewide roll out.

The transition to a single fiscal intermediary (FI) for the state is a work in progress. Although we successfully moved most CDDPs and Brokerages to TNT in time for a July 1 centralized payment system effective date, work is still continuing to transition to TNT as the full Fiscal Intermediary for all CDDPs and Brokerages related to personal support worker payments. A huge thanks to all of you who partnered with us to make this happen.

Click here to view the OAR Change Summary Communication

Click here to view the ODDS Status Report


An Important Message about DD System Changes and PSW Changes

Many Personal Support Workers (PSW) received an important message from, ODDS Interim DD Director, Trisha Baxter.  See below to read that message.  Community Pathways is working with TNT to ensure payment to all PSW’s is done as quickly as possible.  If you recently received paperwork from us, please make sure we get it back as soon as possible.  We are waiting for more information from TNT and ODDS to know how this may impact our current process and systems.  For June services we will be running billing as usual. The only difference for this “billing day” is that checks for Independent Contractors will be processed by TNT.  We hope to have more information for people soon.   Let us know if you have questions.


Dear Personal Support Worker,

As you know, our state is making a number of changes throughout the programs supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  These changes are needed to be in compliance with federal regulations and our collective bargaining agreement, as well as to improve service delivery.  The Department of Human Services has been working collaboratively with SEIU, Brokerages, Community Developmental Disability Programs (CDDP), providers and other advocates in making sure these changes do not negatively impact the people we serve or our workers.  

The most immediate and direct change, coming up on July 1, is how you will be paid.  Beginning in July, we are moving to a centralized state payment system, with TNT Fiscal Intermediary Services, Inc., with common payroll dates twice a month.  This is going to help streamline eligibility for medical, dental and vision benefits.  As we have previously communicated, there is a delay to other program changes, specifically around the Plan of Care functionality in eXPRS. We will be sharing more information around those timelines as it becomes available. 

You may have recently been contacted by the CDDP and/or brokerage that you work with to complete information required for the transition to TNT Fiscal Intermediary Services for the purpose of processing payroll on July 1. Please complete and return any paperwork you have been provided so that we can ensure you are paid timely. Once you have completed and submitted your paperwork you have nothing else to worry about – TNT will contact you, through your CDDP or brokerage, should additional information be needed. TNT has indicated that if paperwork is delayed, they will still do everything in their power to ensure timely payments, even to the point of running an extra payroll cycle if needed. It is important to us that you are paid accurately and timely. You will need to sign a new direct deposit form if you chose direct deposit.  This form was included in the information you received from your CDDP or brokerage. If you need another copy of the form, please contact the CDDP or brokerage, or you can contact TNT directly at (503) 463-0134

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, beginning with services provided after July 1, 2014, claims for payment should be submitted to the Brokerage or CDDP no later than three (3) business days (excluding Oregon and Federal holidays) before the eighth (8th) and/or the twenty-third (23rd) of each month.  You will be paid three (3) business days (excluding Oregon and Federal holidays) after the eighth (8th) and/or the twenty-third (23rd) of each month.  Click here to see the full details http://www.seiu503.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/10/files/2014/03/SEIU-OHCC-2013-2015-Collective-Bargaining-Agreement-FINAL-SIGNED-COVER-LETTER.pdf. Payment for June or earlier services will be paid in accordance with current practice.

If you have questions regarding this transition, please contact your CDDP, Brokerage, or TNT. Be watching for additional information over the next couple of weeks, including a calendar outlining payment dates, options for payment, and other information for your reference.


Trisha Baxter, Interim DD Program Director

Chief Operating Officer

Aging and Disability Programs

Department of Human Services

500 Summer Street NE

Salem, OR 97301

Employment Forum: April 3, 2014

Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Employment Forum

Community Pathways along with the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities would like to invite you to the first in a series of interactive forums. These forums will explore changes related to employment that are going on in Oregon and nationally. If you are currently working in a sheltered workshop or plan to work in a sheltered workshop, this forum is for you.  We want to engage people in meaningful conversations about what these changes are and what the future holds.

Please see the flyer below more information on this event.

Jennifer Bickett
Executive Director
Community Pathways, Inc.Opening Doors