PSW Enrollment & Renewal

To enroll as a personal support worker (PSW) who provides direct support to customers of Community Pathways, please contact our provider specialist. Call (503) 935-5243 ext. 245.

You can find more Personal Support Worker Resources on the Oregon DHS website.

PSW Enrollment

Contact: Provider Specialist

Direct Phone: (503) 935-5243 ext. 245

To enroll as a PSW, you can become qualified through any case management entity (CME). To be qualified through Community Pathways, you must first schedule a meeting with our provider specialist. Allow 60 minutes for the meeting, which will include filling out paperwork for a criminal history check (CHC) and provider enrollment application and agreement (PEAA), enrolling with the financial management agent (PPL) for payroll purposes, and asking the provider specialist any questions you may have.

Please bring the following items and information with you to the meeting:

  • Social Security card.

  • Driver's license and/or photo ID (i.e. passport).

  • Proof of auto insurance, if you will be providing driving services to individuals.

  • Contact information for 2-3 professional references. These could be previous employers, trusted family members, or friends. A phone number and/or email address is required for each.


PSW CredentialS

PSW’s are responsible for renewing and updating the following documents and information:

  1. Criminal History Check (CHC).

  2. Provider Enrollment Application and Agreement (PEAA).

  3. Proof of auto insurance and/or driver’s license.

  4. Change of information (name, address, email address, phone number, etc..

Criminal History Check (CHC)

The criminal history check must be renewed every two years. The full CHC process, from the time the paperwork is submitted to a brokerage until it is approved or denied, can take up to 8 weeks. Since the length of time may vary, please check in with the agency/brokerage. Please submit your CHC renewal paperwork at least 70 days before the expiration date of your current CHC.

To complete the CHC, you will need:

  • Copy of photo ID. Please submit a copy with your CHC paperwork.

  • Social Security number. Your SSN is optional to complete the CHC.

  • Signature and date. Please remember to sign and date the document.

  • Fingerprints*

*After submitting your CHC paperwork, you may be notified to get your fingerprints taken. You will have 21 days from the time you receive the notification to do your fingerprinting. Fingerprinting services are provided by third-party companies, not Community Pathways. The services do include a fee, so be prepared to pay when you schedule your appointment.


Provider Enrollment Application and Agreement (PEAA)

The provider enrollment application and agreement must be renewed every two years. Please submit your PEAA renewal paperwork at least 70 days before your current PEAA expires.

To complete the PEAA, you will need:

  • Contact information. Physical/mailing address, phone number, email address.

  • Provider ID number. You will need to provide your six-digit provider number.

  • Social Security number. You will need your SSN to complete the PEAA.

  • Signature and date. Please remember to sign and date the document.


Driver's License and Auto Insurance

If you are providing OR004 transportation services, you will need to provide copies of your most current and up-to-date Oregon driver's license and auto insurance. Please send new copies any time your information is updated or your personal information (name, address, etc.) changes.

  • Copy of driver's license

  • Copy of auto insurance card


Change of Information

Providers are required to submit updated information (name, addresses, email, phone number) to brokerages any time their personal information changes. Brokerages assist the individuals they serve (who are the direct employers of support providers) with quality assurance in the monitoring and payment of the support services they receive. As a PSW, please notify the brokerages whose customers you work for any time your personal information changes, including your:

  • Legal name

  • Physical and/or mailing address

  • Phone number

  • Email address


Learn more about PSW enrollment and renewal on the Oregon DHS website.