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Individuals and their support teams, provider organizations, personal support workers and partner organizations serving the DD community are invited to share their experiences and/or support services with Community Pathways to be featured in our newsletter.

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Questions to think about:

  • For customers/individuals:

    • Why are brokerage support services important to you? How do they help you live a self-determined life in the community?

    • How do brokerage support services help you in working toward achieving your goals?

    • What is an accomplishment you would like to share with the community?

    • Are you employed and/or volunteer? Describe your experience getting and keeping your position

    • What advice do you have for other individuals who are seeking a job, volunteer experiences, housing, opportunities to social in the community?

    • How do you advocate for yourself or someone you know who experiences a disability?

    • What kind of resources, supports, and services has your personal agent helped you connect with? How have these supports and services helped you achieve your goal(s)?

  • For providers and/or partner organizations:

    • What programs and events does your agency/organization provide adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that you believe our customers would find helpful?

    • What has your experience been like providing direct support services to customers of Community Pathways, and working with the individuals ISP team?

    • What advice would you give to people interested in becoming a personal support worker?

Stories individuals have shared with us:

  • Employment —the process of finding a job and asking for a promotion.

  • Housing — the process of moving out of the family home into an apartment.

  • Art & Employment — experiences making art and being chosen for a residency program.

Stories and resources provider organizations have shared with us:

  • Cooking and Nutrition programs.

  • Accessible and inclusive recreation programs.

  • Volunteer work a personal support worker and an individual do together.


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