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Personal Agent

Alicia joined Community Pathways as a personal agent in the spring of 2018.

Alicia has a wide variety of experience in the field of developmental disabilities. Growing up, she spent a lot of time with her older cousin who experiences cerebral palsy. Her work experience in the field came later, and by chance. It was through her work at a day program, doing activities and going on outings with individuals in the program, that Alicia fell in love with this type of work.

Her experience as a life enrichment specialist, led her to positions as lead direct support professional, group home program manager, supported living manager, and finally to personal agent.

Fun Fact: Alicia loves health and fitness.

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Personal Agent Specialist

Arlen joined Community Pathways as a personal agent soon after it opened in 2008. He began serving as a personal agent specialist in 2018.

His interest in working with people experiencing developmental disabilities began at the end of college when he started working with a direct care agency. He worked for the agency for almost 5 years before moving to Portland in 2007.

Initially, Arlen had not considered working in case management. But he soon realized that becoming a personal agent was the best way to continue working with the people he most wanted to serve: individuals with developmental disabilities.

Arlen values Community Pathways' commitment to putting the needs of its customers first. As a personal agent specialist, he appreciates the experience of connecting with customers, providers, and coworkers; mentoring personal agents; and sharing in parts of life together.  

Fun Fact: Arlen spent most of his childhood growing up in the tropical city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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Personal Agent Specialist

Christine joined Community Pathways as a personal agent in 2016 and became a personal agent specialist in 2018. Christine has three adult children—two daughters and a son with autism.

As a PA, she enjoys meeting with each person she serves and learning about their lives to understand what is important to them. She values using her knowledge of the state system and available services to help people get the support they need to achieve their goals, and mentor new personal agents.

What Christine values most about Community Pathways is the cooperation and collective knowledge shared by her coworkers, which helps with addressing issues experienced by customers and their families and helping them to problem-solve and find the best outcome.

Fun Fact: Christine lives on a small farm in Yamhill where she raises goats and other livestock.

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Personal Agent

Jessica joined Community Pathways as a personal agent in May 2018. She has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for seven years. She has held positions as a job coach at Goodwill (PAC), skills trainer I & II, and case manager.

Jessica is passionate about advocacy and communication because of the struggles many individuals with disabilities experience with expressive and receptive communication. As a PA, Jessica helps support individuals to express, seek, and reach their goals with the support of their ISP team. 

Fun Facts: Jessica has three sons and became a first-time grandma in September 2018. She has a Boston Terrier named Frank who has an under bite and is the love of her life.

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Personal Agent

John joined Community Pathways as a personal agent in May 2018. He has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for about two years, first as a DSP at a day program, then as a job coach working with a small group and providing supports in community employment. John previously worked with people without homes in both Portland and Chicago.

As a personal agent, John looks forward to empowering individuals with a developmental disability to be self-determined and make responsible choices. The professional values that drive John’s personal best practices are respect, camaraderie, trust, and challenge. He is excited to apply them in his role as a PA.

John’s favorite thing about Community Pathways is that it is a supportive environment where people are committed to helping each other better support the individuals we serve.   

Fun Fact: John enjoys taking his two cats on long walks near his apartment complex.



Personal Agent

Julia is a personal agent with 10 years of experience working in the field of developmental disabilities. She applied for her first job in this field on a whim and has never looked back. She values the depth of the relationships she is able to foster with a wide variety of individuals and feels fortunate to play a role in supporting people to realize their potential.                       

Julia has held several different positions in the field. She has worked on a support staff at an agency providing day and employment services, an administrative staff on a state-funded project providing values-based training and consultation to supporters in Oregon, and has provided specialized consultation to providers who supported individuals with unique challenges. Julia worked for residential agencies as a behavior specialist for several years before joining Community Pathways as a PA. 

In her daily work, Julia tries to infuse Mother Teresa’s sentiment that, “not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”     

Fun Fact: Julia played with a baby jaguar while vacationing in Costa Rica.            



Personal Agent

Linda joined Community Pathways in 2017. With 10 years of experience working in the field of developmental disabilities, Linda has held positions as a direct support professional, case manager, behavior specialist, and program manager before becoming a personal agent.

As a PA, Linda assists people with developmental disabilities to access the supports they need in order to live the lives they want.  She assists customers with many different activities, ranging from helping individuals to get a bus pass, guiding them through the process of hiring a support provider, to helping them move into their own home. 

Linda advocates for her customers and monitors their services to ensure supports are being delivered in a safe and responsible manner.  She feels that PA's are crucial to the process of helping people access the support services needed for them to reach their goals and thrive.

Fun Fact: Linda names all of her cars. Her current vehicle is named “Tara” after the character from the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show.

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Personal Agent

As a personal agent, Marie wears many hats. She facilitates annual ISP meetings, writes plans and service agreements, assists customers to find qualified providers, helps with health and safety issues, and refers customers and providers to community resources. No two days are the same!

Marie enjoys building relationships with her customers, their families, and providers. It's rewarding to be on a team that helps customers get the supports they need to live healthy, independent, and self-directed lives. Marie loves seeing customers progress towards their goals, and appreciates working at an organization that is customer-focused and team-based.

Before joining our team, Marie worked as a provider, employment specialist, and program manager at a provider organization. Understanding the provider-side of supports has been valuable to Marie as a personal agent.

Fun Fact: Marie enjoys outdoor activities, including camping and hiking.

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sarah e.

Personal Agent

Sarah moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2016. After having lived in five states, she is happy to call Portland home.

Sarah began working with young adults with autism in 2013 as a second career, managing the community outreach programs and day program at a non-profit in California.

What Sarah appreciates the most about working at CPI is collaborating with a team of personal agents and supervisors who are truly dedicated to their work and the support of their customers.  She loves getting to know her customers and their families, finding ways to connect them to appropriate services, helping them advocate for what is best for them, and getting to meet their four-legged family members.

Fun Fact: Sarah loves to work in her garden, take bike rides on her vintage 1960's Schwinn, and discover all the wonderful things Oregon has to offer.


Sarah P.

Personal Agent

Prior to joining Community Pathways in February 2019, Sarah worked several years as a direct support worker at a foster home for men experiencing developmental disabilities. During this time, she decided to go to college and study social work. She is now able to use her training as a social worker and her passion as an advocate to better serve those in her community as a personal agent.

Sarah is proud to work for an organization that emphasizes self-determination and respect for personal choices. She enjoys developing relationships and learning about what is important to each individual. She values the teamwork mentality at Community Pathways, knowing she can call on others to explore options. Having this support means better outcomes for all customers served.

Fun Fact: Sarah enjoys board games and puzzles and her favorite game show is Family Feud.

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ONA Assessor

Suzanne joined Community Pathways team as an ONA Assessor in 2018. She brings with her over 20 years of combined experience in nonprofit organizations, community partnerships, policy and planning, working with populations at risk, training, assessments, and auditing. Suzanne spent twelve years serving at Home Forward, contributing to programs supporting self-sufficiency.

Suzanne advocates for programs and people to become trauma informed. She has been studying and practicing compassionate communication for nine years and is a Certified Trauma Informed Compassion Centered Parent Educator. In 2018, Suzanne completed her Graduate Certificate in Trauma Informed Care.

Suzanne believes being present for someone, and listening to what they have to share, is one of the most important things she can do in her role as an ONA assessor.

Fun Facts: Suzanne moved to Portland from Boise twenty years ago. She married an Oregonian. In her free time, you can most likely find her, with her husband and daughter, in the woods. 



Lead ONA Assessor

Jacob joined Community Pathways as a billing specialist in September 2017. In his current role, Jacob conducts the ONA Assessment through research and interviews with individuals to assess their support needs.

As the billing specialist, Jacob provides quality assurance for personal support workers and provider agencies by processing billing invoices, training new users on how to use eXPRS, and overseeing other administrative duties that ensure customers receive the support they need.

Jacob values working with people who are dedicated to serving the community, and supporting Community Pathways' mission to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live self-determined lives.

Dedicated to social work and volunteerism, Jacob is excited to learn all there is to learn about supporting and empowering the diverse individuals that make up the developmental disabilities community in Portland and Oregon.

Fun Fact: Raised in Eugene, Jacob moved to Portland after living in Indonesia, where he volunteered with the Peace Corps.

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Resource Manager

Zoe began working at Community Pathways as a personal agent in summer 2015. In her current role as a provider specialist, she primarily supports providers with the qualification process. She is happy to still carry a small caseload, which helps her to remain connected to the individuals CPI serves.

Zoe has extensive experience working in the field of developmental disabilities, both in her home state of California and in Oregon. Her first job in the field was a weekend graveyard shift at a group home for middle-aged women who had all grown up in institutions. Her previous positions include: direct support professional, job coach, house manager, OIS trainer, and personal agent.

What Zoe values most about Community Pathways is its dedication to the mission of self-determination for individuals with developmental disabilities. She enjoys working with a team of people who are creative, compassionate, and dedicated, but also know how to have a good time.

Fun Fact: Zoe’s dream for the future is to live on several acres of property just outside of Portland with dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and maybe a pig or horse.



Clerical Aide

Katie joined Community Pathways as a clerical aide in 2008. She provides valuable assistance to staff members by collecting and shredding documents, scanning documents for digital filing, watering plants, cleaning the office kitchen, and creating a positive and fun work environment for everyone on our team.

Prior to working at Community Pathways, Katie volunteered at The Arc Oregon. Her previous work experience includes working at a law firm after high school, followed by working in the fast food industry for many years. 

Katie's favorite part about working at Community Pathways is being able to listen to music and dance along to it while doing her job. 

Fun Facts: Katie has been a student of PHAME Academy for 22 years. She is actively involved with Special Olympics as a long-time athlete and board member. She loves Disney shows and celebrities.



Office Support

Tracy joined Community Pathways as the Office Support in 2015. She gained office work experience in high school that prepared her for positions she took at a few different organizations before joining Community Pathways’ team.

Tracy joined our team after learning about her current position from a personal agent at Community Pathways who she knows. They told her the organization needed help with filing and related administrative tasks and encouraged her to apply. In her position, Tracy provides support to personal agents and the administrative team.

What Tracy enjoys most about working at Community Pathways is meeting other people and learning about her co-workers.

Fun Fact: Tracy loves to bake.



Front Desk Support

Kaaren joined Community Pathways as the Front Desk Support in November 2018.

She supports our team by providing front desk coverage, greeting visitors to our office, and letting staff know their visitors have arrived. People really enjoy her friendly welcome.

Kaaren likes coming to work, being a team member, and helping co-workers. She is a happy person who likes making people smile.

Fun Fact: Kaaren was named 2018 Self-Advocate of the Year by OSAC. She advocates for the rights of all people with a disability to live self-determined lives in the community throughout Oregon.

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Special Projects Administrator

Nick joined Community Pathways as a personal agent in summer 2015, after 7 years working in Supported Living.  He recently began a full-time Master’s program in Social Work, but still works part-time providing administrative support to Community Pathways.   

Nick’s background includes over 10 years of experience working with the developmental disabilities community in supported living, providing direct care and case management. Additionally, he has experience working as a Medical Coordinator.

During his tenure as a PA at Community Pathways, Nick enjoyed getting to know individuals and helping them coordinate the supports and services they needed to meet the goals they set for themselves.

Nick earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Science from Michigan State University and moved to Portland in 2007.  He is in the process of earning his Masters of Social Work from Pacific University.



Administrative Assistant

Olivia joined Community Pathways in the summer of 2018.  As the administrative assistant she supports the fabulous personal agents and enjoys helping providers and customers.  She appreciates the care and thought the CPI team put into their work, their dedication to supporting their customers, and the fact that everyone has a good sense of humor. 

Fun Fact: Olivia plays mandolin in multiple bands. You may have seen her at a farmers market.



Administrative Specialist

Scott joined Community Pathways as the Administrative Specialist in June 2019.  He has a background in library cataloging and data entry and records management. He’s excited to be able to use those skills to help people in the community. 

Fun fact: Scott spends the majority of his free time on his three favorite activities: listening to music, reading, and watching movies.



Fiscal Manager

After many years in corporate offices, Nina joined Community Pathways in 2015. She enjoys working in a non-profit where her contributions feel more  meaningful.

As a fiscal manager, she works mainly behind the scenes. Among other duties, Nina works to ensure providers are paid for the services they provide individuals. She also helps ensure that PA’s have the tools and data they need to support individuals.

Nina has a B.A. in digital communications from Washington State University. Her work experience includes clerical, accounting, IT, and graphic design and she manages to use all of these skills in her job. Her favorite part of working at CPI is the staff she works with. Nina really values these hardworking and dedicated people who are some of the nicest, friendliest people she’s ever worked with!

Fun Facts: Nina likes to spend time with her family and pets, take photographs, and collect old cameras and toy robots. She plans to someday revisit Southeast Asia, where she lived as a child.

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Program Supervisor

Marek has been with Community Pathways since it opened in 2008. He was a personal agent before taking on the role of program supervisor.

He continues to provide case management support by assisting PA's with navigating services, rules, and complex systems, problem solving roadblocks, finding resources, as well as reviewing documents for quality assurance.

Marek enjoys working collaboratively with individuals on creating goals, finding creative solutions and strategies to achieve them, observing how goals change over time, and learning about their successes.

What Marek values most about his role in case management is the ability to work directly with people benefiting from access to services, while gaining insight into how policy is created and implemented and supporting the advocacy involved in maintaining and enhancing services.

Fun Facts: Marek likes playing disc golf with friends, race walking, eating, watching movies, Lego-ing, playing video games, and spending time with family.



Assistant Director

Tricia is the assistant director at Community Pathways.  She has been involved in helping build CPI from the ground up since it first opened in 2008. 

Tricia began her career in the field of developmental disabilities almost 20 years ago. When she first started providing direct care at a group home, she realized she had found something she truly connects with.  She moved into the field of supported living, working as a supported living coordinator for almost three years before becoming a personal agent at a metro area brokerage when brokerages were still fairly new. Tricia connected with the philosophy of self-determination and self-directed supports. 

She served as a PA for a few years before joining CPI. Her current role is to support and supervise personal agents. It is her goal to ensure CPI’s practices are person-centered and that individual customer voice is at the heart of what we do. Tricia values CPI as a team of professionals who truly care about and love what they do.

Fun Fact: Tricia is on a Portland-to-Coast walking team. They’ve been in the Top 3 of their division for the past five years.                                                                                                                              



Executive Director

Jennifer has been the executive director of Community Pathways, Inc. since its establishment in 2008. She and a small team of dedicated employees started the agency and have built it from the ground up. The goal was and is to build an environment that supports people to live self-determined lives that encompass a full range of choices, changes, struggles, and successes.

Jennifer has been working in the field of developmental disabilities for over 21 years. Her experience has taught her there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Different agencies and supports work better than others for different people, for different reasons. She believes the same is true for work environments. As an organization, CPI strives to be a flexible and rewarding place to work for every member of its staff, so they are better able to serve the community.  

As the executive director, Jennifer is focused on offering support where it is needed to ensure that everyone working at CPI is able to focus as much of their attention as possible on fulfilling our person-centered mission to assist adults with developmental disabilities to live empowered, self-determined lives through community connections.

Fun Fact: Jennifer and her husband got engaged on the summit of Mount St. Helens.

Our Board of Directors

As a support service brokerage and 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Community Pathways is governed by a board of directors with diverse areas of expertise. At least half of our directors are people who directly experience a developmental disability, or are family members of someone who experiences a developmental disability. All of our directors are committed to advocating for the rights of individuals we support.

Our Board of Directors meets every other month. The primary responsibility of the Board is to oversee fiscal matters, executive leadership, and policy. They also help establish and oversee the direction Community Pathways takes as an organization.

If you are interested in learning more about our board of directors, please contact us.